Timeless Style

Image Timeless Style.

Men of distinction achieve elegance by navigating through life with an effortless yet impressive confidence. Being unforgettable is never a matter of luck. Wearing well selected garments can produce vast opportunities. Our three button, vented suits are a perfect match for any occasion.

Attention to Detail

Image Attention to Detail.

Pride and follow-through are vital for building relationships. The way that you look has an impact on the way that you feel and how others will view you. Our Italian sport shirts featuring stripes and herringbone patterns deliver superior style and high fashion. With a variety of colors to choose from, expressing yourself will not be an issue.

Softer Side

Image Softer Side.

Change is good. Highly evolved men have an ability to see the bigger picture in all situations. Softer colors invite the world in without compromising core values. Having fun in business is allowed. Our two button vented suit with peak lapels awaits you.


Image P.O.I. - Power of Industry

Nothing has a more commanding presence than a pinstripe suit. When confidence is not an option, there is no substitute. Pinstripe Italian suits, featuring traditional luxurious fabrics with a contemporary edge, will guarantee that you are prepared.


Our Product Lines

Dress Shirts | Casual

All shirts are not created equal. Our high quality fabrics are carefully selected and matched with durable color fast thread and high density buttons. Expert craftsmanship is the final step in producing a superior garment. We make every effort to ins...
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Power. Sex Appeal. Dignity. A suit can say a lot about you. What message do you want to send? The suits offered at Imago range from traditional to modern casual. We provide classic styles as well as head turning masterpieces designed for night life. ...
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The one opportunity men have to be totally expressive is found in the neck tie. A predominantly red tie with a tight pattern is commonly seen as the “power tie” and is used for formal business dealing, politics and public speaking. Solids...
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